Smiths Gore offers asset management services to a number of investors in the British Virgin Islands.

The scope of these services varies according to the requirements of each client and may include strategic development advice, feasibility analysis, marketing and property management. Our objective is to provide clients with proactive advice to assist them in protecting and enhancing the value of their property in the British Virgin Islands. Examples of asset management include the following:

  • Trellis Bay Estate: Comprehensive development comprising 650 acre estate to include five star hotel, championship golf course, marina and villa development.
  • Biras Creek Resorts: Originally responsible for the project management during construction, Smiths Gore now acts for the current owner, advising on matters regarding real estate and property ownership.
  • Pasea Estate: Design and implementation of a mixed use residential and commercial estate in the capital of the British Virgin Islands, including residential subdivision, apartments, supermarket, offices, warehouses, manufacturing and retail outlets.
  • Eustatia Island: Smiths Gore has acted on behalf of Eustatia Corporation Ltd, the head lessee of Eustatia Island, since 1999 advising on real estate issues and asset management.

We have worked with syndicates, limited partnerships, unit trusts and offshore investment companies and continue to advise on new emerging structures to deliver maximum value and flexibility for our clients.