A Guide to buying Commercial Property

A Guide to buying Commercial Property

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) have long been known for their pristine beauty and attractive investment opportunities. For those looking to venture into the commercial real estate market, the BVI offers a unique landscape with promising returns. This detailed guide aims to lead beginners through the process of buying commercial property in the BVI, covering essential steps, considerations, and tips to ensure a smooth and successful investment journey.


Understanding the BVI Commercial Real Estate Market

Market Overview

Begin by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the commercial real estate market in the BVI. Explore different sectors, such as retail, resorts, marinas, office spaces, and hotels, to identify the most suitable investment opportunities based on your goals and investment criteria.

The Legal and Regulatory Landscape

Familiarize yourself with the legal and regulatory framework governing commercial property transactions in the BVI. Seek professional advice to ensure compliance with local laws, regulations, and licensing requirements.

Market Trends and Projections

Stay expertly informed about current market trends and future projections. This knowledge will help you make wise and focused decisions regarding property selection, pricing, and potential returns on investment.

Define Your Investment Goals and Risk Tolerance

Clearly outline your investment goals and objectives. Whether you seek rental income, capital appreciation, or a combination of both, having a well-defined strategy in place will guide your decision-making. Understanding potential returns on investment will assist with your decision making processes including level of risk you are prepared to accept when making an investment.

Equity Requirements and Financing

Consider your financial ability to purchase commercial property. Local banks are normally prepared to finance the acquisition of commercial property but may impose different lending terms than you would normally see for a residential property. Mortgage terms are normally shorter and equity requirements higher. You should be prepared to raise at least 50% of the acquisition price in equity.

Property Management

Develop a strategy for managing the commercial property post-purchase. Whether you opt for self-management or hire a property management company, effective management is essential for maximizing returns.

An Overview of Property Classes

As a commercial investor considering the BVI for your next venture, it's crucial to understand the nuances of the various property classes. Each property type presents unique opportunities and challenges. Consider your investment goals and preferences when exploring these options.



Hotels in the BVI are a diverse category, ranging from boutique accommodations with a few rooms to more extensive, full-service establishments. They cater to both leisure and business travelers, providing a comfortable and luxurious stay. 

Investment Considerations:

  • Tourism Trends: Evaluate current tourism trends in the BVI to understand the demand for hotel accommodation.
  • Location and Accessibility: Proximity to popular tourist destinations or business centers is crucial for attracting guests. Consider the proximity to popular attractions, beaches, and other desirable amenities. Accessibility enhances a hotel's appeal.  In the BVI, boat or ferry access can be a critical factor.
  • Facilities: Assess the facilities and services offered, such as restaurants, spas, recreation spaces, and conference rooms. Assess the number of rooms and their configurations.
  • Financial Performance: Review the hotel's financial performance, including occupancy rates, client reviews, and revenue.
  • Risk profile for a smaller hotel in a good location with an established business may be in line with investors willing to consider a medium investment risk.



Resorts in the BVI provide an immersive and all-encompassing luxury experience, combining beautiful accommodations, fine dining, and recreational activities within a high-end setting. They feature stunning landscapes and endless amenities.

Investment Considerations:

  • Amenities: Evaluate the range of resort amenities, such as pools, spas, beaches, water sports, and fine dining, to attract high-end clientele. Consider the variety of activities offered to guests within the resort.
  • Environmental Impact: Consider sustainability practices, as eco-friendly resorts align with the BVI's commitment to environmental conservation.
  • Landscaping and Ambience: Examine the landscaping and overall ambience of the resort. Aesthetically pleasing surroundings contribute to guest satisfaction.
  • Operational Efficiency: Investigate the efficiency of resort operations. Streamlined processes contribute to better customer experiences and profitability.
  • Risk profile will trend towards medium to high risk and therefore be suitable for the investor with deeper pockets.



Given the BVI's prominence as a popular sailing destination, marinas play a vital role in providing dockage and services for boat owners, charter companies, and the yachting community.

Investment Considerations:

  • Capacity and Infrastructure: Assess the marina's capacity to accommodate different types and sizes of vessels. Examine the quality and maintenance of docks and infrastructure.
  • Location and Nautical Services: Accessibility for boats is crucial. Assess the marina's location in relation to popular sailing routes. Evaluate the availability and quality of nautical services offered, such as fuel, boat storage and repair facilities, and provisioning options.
  • Marina locations on Tortola are preferred by charter companies whereas marinas on other Islands are suitable for over-night berths or long-term berths for day charters and residents.
  • Revenue Streams: Explore additional revenue streams, such as boat maintenance services or retail spaces. Diversification can enhance the marina's financial stability.
  • Risk profile is low to medium due to the shortage of marina properties which are seldom on the market.



Office and retail commercial spaces encompass a diverse range of properties that cater to the financial service sector, the local community and tourists. These spaces are strategically located in commercial areas, tourist hubs, or other high-traffic areas such as marinas, offering a variety of opportunities for businesses to thrive.


Investment Considerations:

  • Location and Accessibility: Proximity to main roads and parkingadds to the convenience for tenants and customers.
  • Versatility and Layout: The layout should be carefully planned to optimize product displays and customer flow while providing a welcoming environment.
  • Infrastructure and Utilities: Modern retail spaces are equipped with essential infrastructure and utilities. This includes reliable electrical systems, back-up generator, water supply, and hi-speed internet connectivity.
  • Risk profile is typically low to medium as most commercial buildings that are well located will appeal to tenants.



For those property owners with a well-located parcel of land, a warehouse, flex-space or storage shed could be an option to consider. These spaces are increasingly appealing in the market given the flexibility of the space which can appeal to a multitude of users.


Investment Considerations:

  • Typically, lower cost construction with steel frame and cladding.
  • Versatile space options with higher floor to slab for warehousing or flexible for mezzanine offices.
  • Allows developer to have a lower equity position while maintaining investment returns.
  • Risk profile is generally low and demand for space is high. A good option for first time developers. 



Investing in any of these property classes requires a nuanced understanding of the market, local regulations, and the specific needs of potential buyers. Engaging with local real estate professionals, legal advisors, and industry experts is essential for navigating the intricacies of the BVI's commercial property market effectively and efficiently.

If you want to achieve success when buying commercial property in the BVI, collaborate with a reputable local real estate team. Their extensive expertise and market knowledge will be instrumental in identifying suitable properties, negotiating deals, and navigating local nuances. Connect with trusted professionals at Smiths Gore today to get started.


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